Eylem Gülter

Born on 28th of January 1977 in İstanbul , Turkey..
Her birth name; word ‘Eylem’ means ‘action’ in Turkish.
Coincidence, fate whatever you name it…

Her very early recognized talent on athletics, homework writer music, painting and stage performing; led her baby steps to HASRET GULTEKIN FOUNDATION  where she faced the spot light first time ever in her life.
Her first stage appeareance was in a dance-theater show,  named İNADINA UMUT.

She also appeared in many theater shows through her teenage years;
Her significant performance on the play called ‘SON KAVGAM’ written,performed and named after the ‘Mein Kampf’ of Adolf Hitler should be highlighted.

In 2005,She graduated from YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Music and Performing Arts Department, Art and Design Faculty, Dance Program which she was accepted in 1999.
This is where she met her mentor Geyvan McMillen who also founded Cemal Reşit Rey Dance Theater Company in 2003.

She’s been a part of  the practicing and performing stages of the titles below, under Mrs.McMillen’s influence and big support.
*Identities –  Choreographer: Geyvan McMillen

*My Mediterranean –  Geyvan McMillen

* Naked Hamlet – Choreographer: Ismael Ivo

Danced at the Impulstanz dance festival in Vienna, Austria, 5 years in a row. (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and  2005) The teachers she worked with at these festivals are; Ko Murobushi (professional series), Benoit Lachambre (coaching project), Mark Tompkins (professional series), Elizabeth Corbett (workshop), Chrysa parkinson & Mark Lorimer (coaching project), Marten Spangberg (coaching project), Mathilde Monnier (coaching project), Zivi Gothenier (contemporary ballet) …

As a result of all these studies under the name of ‘RESEARCH’ during her school life;
she found herself thinking about becoming a choreographer on modern dancing and ballet techniques.The following list contains the names of her dance teachers at the Y.T.University and the foreign trainers from various festivals she participated in years:Geyvan McMillen (Merce Cunningham technique)Zeynep Tanbay (Martha Graham technique)Uğur Seyrek (contemporary ballet)Oktay Keresteci (classical ballet)Meral Tokgöz (classical ballet)Kaya Ilhan (dance laboratory)Carlotta Arıcanlı (basic ballet)Ayşe Orhon (modern technique and improvisation)Aydan Türker (body-soft technique)Tan Temel (contemporary dance and modern dance techniques)Bruno Marin (Y.T.Ü) (classical technique)Helen Omand (somatic-release techniques)Nicole Caccivio (contemporary dance technique)Paul Clayden (release and improvisation techniques)Martin Sonderkamp (release technical)Loretta Livingstone (horton-lemon techniques)Hilke Diemer (choreography techniques)Carren-Gary Galbraith (M.Graham and Limon techniques)Juan Cruz Garaoi De Estaola (release and contact techniques)Jan PushMatthew Hawkins (contemporary dance technique)Beyhan Murphy (modern dance technique)Liam Steel (release, improvisation and contact techniques)Ismael Ivo (horton technique)A.Leslie (classic ballet technique)Yanael Plumet (improvisation and contact techniques)Sabine Jamet (classic and improvisation techniques)Dejamel Fellouche (modern jazz)Tetsuro Fukuhara (butto dance)Andrew Harwood (contact and improvisation techniques)Wendy Houston (dance theater, guest student)At the Roof Independent Dance Association:Mustafa Kaplan (flying low)Ömer Uysal (improvisation, motion research)Ayşe Orhon (contemporary technique, improvisation, motion research)Mary Quiolle (baksi shaman dance)Luk Sips (shaman workshop)Jan Burkhardt (contact improvisation)Theater:Ayla Algan (Y.T.Ü.) (Cemal Resit Rey)Yetkin Dikinciler (Drama and Improvisation-Y.T.Ü)Mutlu Polat (Bilgi University-drama and pantomime)August Cultural Center (Children’s Theater-1996)Sarıyer People’s Center (Son Kavgam-Tarkan Çuhacı (Grotowski technique) -1997)Ters Pabuç Expression Dance Ensemble (Meral Kaya-1994-1995-1996) Culture College (1984-Gymnastics, 1985-Folk Dances, 1986-Choir, Singing)Namık Ekin (gymnastics-1988)State Hydraulic Works (swimming 1990-1991-Edirne)Bahçelievler Middle School, Edirne Anatolian Teacher High School (basketball team)

The festivals she participated in Y.T.Ü:                             

Oddi Dance Days-Ankara                              2nd International Platform-Ankara

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